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Worry-Free Me!

'Worry is mentally rehearsing what you don't want to happen', and leads to stress, anxiety, overwhelm and other unhealthy states of mind. It can even make us sick!

Worry is a habit of the mind which can be changed and eliminated if we know how. This program is a step-by-step training in how to stop the mental habit of worry. 

Learn specific strategies for turning off the mental habit of 'worrying' and 'worst-case-scenario-thinking'.

Program includes:

  • Theory on the nature of worry, and its unconscious purpose of trying to protect us from harm
  • The intimate relationship between worry and stress
  • Specific exercises for reducing stress, worry, fear and doubt on a daily basis
  • Paint-by-numbers techniques for stopping the habit of worry
  • Guided meditations for calming the mind and reducing worry
  • And much more!

Total video run time approx 8 hours.

Stop living in doubt and fear, and instead learn how you can live in trust and peace.