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Introduction to Emotional Mastery

This program is a comprehensive introduction to understanding how emotions affect your wellbeing and health. 

Topics include:

  • How emotions are a form of 'internal communication' and how to interpret what your emotions are telling you
  • How missed emotions mysteriously turn into physical symptoms!
  • How your brain is affected by emotional conflicts
  • How trauma and shock gets 'snap frozen' into the cells, later causing life problems and illness
  • The 10 different emotions which get lodged in the 5 major organ systems
  • Which positive emotions belong to which internal organs
  • Which negative emotions cause illness in the internal organs
  • How your higher self speaks to you through your emotions
  • Simple guided exercises to self-clear trapped emotional energy from your body-mind
  • Recommendations on next steps for learning emotional mastery
  • and much more!

Total running time 3 hours (split into bite-size videos)

This program comprises:

  • 20+ mini lessons
  • live stream videos
  • downloadable audio files
  • downloadable pdf handouts
  • unlimited 24/7 access

I loved learning there are not right and wrong feelings but rather positive and negative ones. I think this is a big break through. I truly believe now that all emotions have good intentions, even the negative ones.


I love this program! I really enjoyed learning about the metaphysical ways of the body: knowing how certain emotions are connected to certain organs gives me a better understanding on how to release the negative feelings.